Thursday, May 31, 2007

Windowbox on Springwatch

Postings have been few recently because the BBC TV programme Springwatch have borrowed the windowbox and taken it to Islay in Scotland for a holiday.

In late April they came to our Sussex home and filmed the project as the picture shows. They subsequently sent the box down to Bristol for onward travel to Scotland. Pity they didn't take me with it really, but they have promised to look after it.

I am not sure when it will be starring on the box, but I will post up the date and time when I find out


Gloria said...

Is that you standing in front of the windowbox,Patrick?
How exciting for you!
I saw that the square metre was filmed as well. Congratulations...
and Thanks. I may never see the film here in the U.S. but I have enjoyed your Journals.
There is an area behind our garage I call the wild garden. Today greenfaced bees and hover flies along with so many other flying creatures eluded a good picture.
What you do is not easy...

Patrick Roper said...

Yes Gloria, I am afraid the man in front of the camera that is me - looking rather more old and shabby than usual!

The Springwatch programme here in UK gets a very large number of viewers - over 3 million I think - and it outshines the popular reality shows like Big Brother (I expect you have those too).

Thanks for yopu kind comments an d good to hear about your bees and hoverflies.