Saturday, July 14, 2007

At the village flower show

The window box was off on its travels again today, putting in a guest appearance at the Sedlescombe and District summer flower show in the village hall.

A wonderfully English event in which Wbx looked positively scruffy: a wild gipsy of an exhibit. However, people seemed genuinely interested.

Contemplating the battered edges of the box, it occured to me that, rather than trying to remove the contents, I should lower the rim. I will just have to find a suitable implement to do this. One of those little saws that cut off plaster casts would be ideal.


Gloria said...

Great idea! A little local exposure where you can keep an eye on the box. Is that a chart of your recorded observations that is on the table? Were you available to answer questions?
I so like this idea. I am a Master Gardener volunteer for the extention service at universities throughout the U.S.(Chicago)which does many demonstrations each year at various locations including elementary schools.
May I use your idea of the Windowbox Wildlife, I will give you full credit I promise.Teachers would love such a great tool.

Patrick Roper said...

Gloria, thanks for your kind remarks. The papers on the table did include my records of species to date and, yes, I was there to answer questions.

Please use the idea wherever and whenever you want. The more wildlife windowboxes the better.