Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rough-stalked feather-moss

I have started to look again at the mosses on the windowbox as winter is a good time for this, free of the more heady distractions of the warmer months (not that mosses aren't heady in their way).

This one, growing up the side of the sallow log, is the very common rough-stalked feather-moss (Brachythecium rutabulum). It is distinguished by the yellowish tips to its shoots and the roughened seta - the stem that supports the spore-bearing capsule. and other features.


Anonymous said...

I find your work fascinating. How wonderful that you are able to identify these plants and insects.
I suppose you have made it manageable by working within a restricted space. You have created a treasure.

Patrick Roper said...

Thank you Carol. The secret seems to be detailed attention to very small spaces on a daily basis.