Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Spring arrives 2011

The window box looks very brisk and fresh now that the warmer weather is here.  Everything seems to have survived being frozen solid for some time and there is clearly sufficient nutrient, without my adding anything, to keep the plants healthy

20110404 Pilgrims Rest & WBX 008

There is a surprising number of plants in the view above: dandelion, hairy tare, goosegrass, tutsan, wild service, Druce's cranesbill, herb robert, a grass (probably rough meadow grass), smooth hawksbeard.

The dandelion, which is now some years old, is amazing.

20110404 Pilgrims Rest & WBX 013


Gloria said...

Is the windowbox much quicker to warm up than the ground nearby and do you think this might influence what grows there?

Patrick Roper said...

Gloria. The window box must warm up and cool down more quickly than the normal ground in the garden.

I don't think this affects the flora and fauna as almost everything in the box flourishes elsewhere in the neighbourhood. The exception is hairy tare (Vicia hirsuta) which I have not seen elsewhere locally. It could be a bird seed introduction.