Saturday, July 14, 2007

At the village flower show

The window box was off on its travels again today, putting in a guest appearance at the Sedlescombe and District summer flower show in the village hall.

A wonderfully English event in which Wbx looked positively scruffy: a wild gipsy of an exhibit. However, people seemed genuinely interested.

Contemplating the battered edges of the box, it occured to me that, rather than trying to remove the contents, I should lower the rim. I will just have to find a suitable implement to do this. One of those little saws that cut off plaster casts would be ideal.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Poa burgeons

In the last ten days, since its return from Scotland, the one-grass-plant meadow has been doing very well (the rain has helped) and is now a fresh green tuft as shown above.

It will soon need cutting again.

On the other side of the sallow log I found there was a quite large conical excavation made, I suspect, either by a Scottish elf or an Islay rat. In deciding that I shall have to fill it with some of the original compost which I put in Wbx, I thought I could make little hillocks of earth here and there to compensate for some of the recent shrinkage without actually burying small plants.