Sunday, May 03, 2009

Management decision

The hairy tare of last year has seeded itself quite liberally and over the last few weeks and has been growing with great vigour.  It rapidly smothers other plants and its weight is so great that it pulls them down to the ground.

 20090502 WBX   Hairy tare 005

So, I decided to remove the plants and give more space for the other things to develop.  The results are depicted below.

20090502 WBX - Hairy tare 044

I kept the tare arisings and weighed them indoors: 100gm (approx. 4 oz).  I have put it out to dry as hay and may then crumble it up to return to WBX.

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Leslie said...

Excellent and interesting project. I have been thinking for a while that I might make such a windowbox for my balcony. Trouble is I live in a tower block. It's 200 yds from the Thames in Sth London. It has a clear view of the river and faces NW, it gets a lot of sun. Do you think anything will find it, apart from flies and ladybirds - get plenty of them.